MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Medical Aspirants

Do you want to study abroad and you are an Indian? If yes, which Bangladesh College have you decided to join? Bangladesh is a country with so many colleges that offer MBBS. There are so many popular and familiar college for Indian students.

Reasons to choose MBBS in Bangladesh

There are so many students in Indian who want to study MBBS in abroad countries especially in Bangladesh. There are some good reasons why most Indian students prefer to go to Bangladesh to study there. One of the major reason is that the two countries are located in the same area and share the same culture.  The two also speak the same language and hence it is easy for Indian students to adapt to them. To add on that the environment in Bangladesh is favorable to Indian students. Indian students also believe that MBBS Bangladesh for example medical schools they equip them with qualified medical education.

Bangladesh is considered to be safe for Indian students because alcohol consumption is illegal. This has made many Indian students to study MBBS Bangladesh due to this. MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students they believe that it gives them ample time to study without any interference.

The language of teaching MBBS in Bangladesh is English and this becomes easy for Indian students to comprehend and understand it.

MBBS in Bangladesh Fee structure

Their fee is affordable to most Indians. For MBBS medical college fee ranges from 25 to 35 lakhs with food and accommodation included. But for those students who prefer other courses other than medical like education and food, the fees is somehow lower than this.

Quality of MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Most of the medical colleges in Bangladesh are well recognized by the Indian medical and education council. To add to that, they are also recognized by international medical and education councils. Their students do international tests like PLAB, USMLE among others. This makes the Indian students who have studied there to easily get the work permit from the Indian government.

Criteria for admission of MBBS Bangladesh

There is some requirement that Indian students are supposed to meet in order to be admitted in MBBS study in Bangladesh. The students must be of 17 years and above. The student must have passed the 12 grade and his PCB marks must be more than 70 per cent. For medical students, they will take 6 years in which 5 years they will study medical education and 1 year is an internship year. If you are one of those who wants to join MBBS from Bangladesh, you can visit the official website and get more clarification if you need any help.

Advantages of pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

  • The MBBS degrees in Bangladesh are recognized and accepted international
  • The process of admission is very easy and open to all qualified students
  • All the courses that need practical are done since all the requirements are readily available.
  • There are also practical experiments done for medical students.


Bangladesh is an ideal country for Indian students who want to study MBBS in Bangladesh.

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