List of Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

All Medical Colleges Do not have permission to take Foreign Students so please Check before Admission:-

Complete List of Private Medical Colleges for MBBS in Bangladesh

List of Pvt Med Colleges Name


Univ. Affiliation
1. Bangladesh Medical College Dhaka DU
2. Ibrahim Medical College Dhaka DU
3. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College Dhaka DU
4. Jahurul Islam Medical College Kishoreganj DU
5. Dhaka National Medical College Dhaka DU
6. Uttara Adhunik Medical_College Dhaka DU
7. Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College Dhaka DU
8. Enam Medical College and Hospital Savar DU
9. Community Based Medical College and Hospital Mymensingh DU
10. Ibn Sina Medical College Dhaka DU
11. Monno Medical College Manikganj DU
12. Medical College for Women & Hospital Dhaka DU
13. Z. H. Sikder Women’s Medical College Dhaka DU
14. Kumudini Women’s Medical College Tangail DU
15. Tairunnessa Memorial Medical-College Gazipur DU
16. East-West Medical College Dhaka DU
17. International Medical_College Gazipur DU
18. Central Medical College Comilla CNU
19. B.G.C Trust MedicalCollege Chittagong CMU
20. Eastern Medical College Comilla CMU
21. Islami Bank Medical College Rajshahi RMU
22. Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College Rajshahi RMU
23. Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical Sylhet SUST
24. Nightingale Medical College Savar DU
25. North East Medical College Sylhet SMU
26. Institute of Applied Health Sciences Chittagong
27. Gonoshasthaya Samaj Vittik Medical College Dhaka DU
28. Chattagram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical-College Chittagong C,U
29. T.M.S.S. Medical College Bogra RMU
30. Prime Medical College Rangpur RMU
31. North Bengal Medical-College Sirajganj RMU
32. Rangpur Community Medical College Rangpur RMU
33. Delta Medical College Dhaka DU
34. Southern Medical College and Hospital Chittagong CMU
35. Anwer Khan Modern Medical Dhaka DU
36. Ad-din Women’s Medical College Dhaka DU
37. Popular Medical College Dhaka DU
38. Green Life Medical College Dhaka DU
39. Dhaka Community Medical College Dhaka DU
40. Northern Private Medical Rangpur RMU
41. Sylhet Women’s Medical College Sylhet SMU
42. Shahabuddin Medical College Dhaka DU
43. MH Samorita Medical College Dhaka DU
44. City Medical College Gazipur DU
45. Marks Medical College Dhaka DU
46. Diabetic Association Medical College, Faridpur Faridpur DU
47. Barind Medical College Rajshahi RMU
48. Gazi Medical College Khulna RMU
49. Northern International Medical Dhaka DU
50. Dhaka Central International Medical)College Dhaka DU
51. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College Dhaka DU
52. Mainamoti Medical College Comilla CMU
53. Ad-Din Sakina Medical College Khulna RMU
54. Bikrampur Bhuiyans Medical Munshiganj DU
55. Universal Medical-College Dhaka DU
56. Ashiyan Medical Colleges Dhaka DU
57. US-Bangla Medical College Dhaka DU
58. President Abdul Hamid Medical Colg Kishoreganj DU
59. Brahmanbaria Medical Colg Brahmanbaria CU
60. Parkview Medical Colg Sylhet SMU

Why do Indian Candidates select Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh?

That’s correct! Pvt Medical College in Bangladesh has become popular among Indian students seeking to pursue MBBS. The availability of top-notch medical colleges and the opportunity to receive a quality education at affordable prices are major factors attracting Indian students to Bangladesh.

The similarity in curriculum and the medium of instruction being English are important considerations for Indian students. It allows them to adapt easily to the education system and communicate effectively with professors and fellow students. The familiarity of the syllabus also ensures that students are well-prepared for their future medical exams and licensing processes in India.

Addon Facilities

The facilities offered by Pvt. Medical College/s in Bangladesh, including well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and hospitals with advanced technology, contribute to a conducive learning environment. Access to such resources enhances the learning experience and provides students with practical knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the opportunity for international exposure and practical training is highly valued by Indian students. Working alongside experienced doctors in well-established hospitals and clinics in Bangladesh allows students to gain valuable clinical experience and refine their practical skills. This exposure contributes to their overall development as medical professionals.

Final Words

Overall, MBBS in Bangladesh the combination of quality education, affordable prices, similarity in curriculum, world-class facilities, and practical training opportunities makes Private Medical College in Bangladesh an attractive choice for Indian students aspiring to pursue MBBS.

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